"Ludwig’s Master feiert den Mix!" Mastering mit Zufriedenheitsgarantie. Über 3000 Projekte aller Genres mit Liebe und Perfektion bearbeitet. Vergünstigungen für selbstfinanzierte Künstler.

"Ludwig’s master celebrates the mix” Mastering with satisfaction guarantee. Over 3000 projects  throughout all genres, mastered with love and perfection.  Special conditions for self-financing artists.






Mic Donet: Du lebst in deinem eigenen Ohr-Bit und Du masterst mit Hz. Das schätze ich an Dir ;-) Keep it up!!


Robert Fertl and Magdalena Chovancova - Welovemusic Records: Ludwig Maier is a highly creative as well as thoroughly professional mastering engineer with an open mind for new ideas. We all look for the best sound of music and this we have found with Ludwig !!! The result is an outstanding piece of music.


Christian Vaida - cvmusic: Von der ersten Produktion an (The Voice of Armenia) war ich von Ludwig Maier`s Fachwissen und seinem feinen Gehör begeistert. Dadurch ist er in der Lage aus jedem Mix das Beste herauszuholen. Großartig, immer wieder gerne!


Tex van Buren – Wo is' Kai:

Ich habe auf deutschem Boden selten ein besseres Master erlebt… man kann die Songs moegen oder nicht, aber soundtechnisch ist das Butter in Honig eingelegt mit Glaenzenden Seifenblasen.


Blindflug: Das Ergebnis hat unsere Erwartungen noch Übertroffen. Dank Ludwigs goldenen Ohren (und Händen) haben wir jetzt ein absolut amtlich klingendes Album am Start.


Frank van der Steen - Kern Koppen: Never thought it to be a possibility. I speak for all of us when I say we are pleasantly suprised to hear the final result. It sounds full and loud and at the same time punchy, dynamic and transparant.


Phil An Throp: Extraordinary job! They took our songs to another level; very promt and a professional job! Highly recommended, outstanding experience!

There's no reason not to be back again!


Maniac - Demograffics: GKG Mastering is the best! Holla at Ludwig to get that top quality master! 5 STARS


Liquid: The one and only, GKG! 5 Sterne!


Mista Min: Awesome service! A real pro and courteous engineer. I only master with Ludwig since nobody else can give me the sound I want, except him!


Anton Sanders - Captive: Amazingly mastered my bands 5 track EP!!!!


Heidi Triska: Ludwig ist wirklich einer der Besten! Er masterte unsere vierte CD: TRISKA "Get well soon". Einfach perfekt!

Savora: Er ist keine 'Technik-Diva' auf dem Studio-Thron wie manch Anderer in seiner Branche, sondern begleitet den oder die Musiker bei den wichtigen letzten Schritten der Produktion auf Augenhöhe und bereichert diesen Schaffensprozess mit seinem immensen Fachwissen.


Paint Mxe Picasso: UNFASSBAR, LUDWIG IST DER GRÖßTE! Was er noch aus den Aufnahmen gemacht hat haut mich echt um. Er hat einfach die beste Lösung gemacht. Ich bin begeistert!


Rainer Gärtner - Impala Ray - RainTom: Hat super viel Spaß gemacht mit Dir zu arbeiten! Für alles offen, sehr professionelle Arbeit und das gewünschte Ergebnis. Um den Zündfunk zu zitieren: 'Fett ohne Ende!'


Mike Thüner - Twenty five hours music: Ein herzliches Dankeschön für das TOP-Ergebnis. Einfach nur SUPER! Jederzeit wieder. Ganz klar.


Wegweiser Band: Ein halbes Jahr ist es nun her und jedesmal, wenn ich den Song anhöre, den du für uns gemastert hast, bekomme ich immer noch Gänsehaut. Einfach toll! Wir haben dafür auch durchweg nur gutes Feedback bekommen!!


Ludwig Maier in seinem Freisinger Audio Mastering Studio am Mastering Tisch




Ludwig Maier is a multi- award winning mastering engineer, that has over three thousand international productions of all musical genres under his belt. The scope of his experience in the audio industry is extensive and diverse; he has worked for Major and Indie labels, production music libraries like Sonoton, songwriting teams like Truva Music and Heroes&Ganoven, hundreds of independent producers, bands and recording studios.


In 2007 he founded GKG mastering and by now even the German criminal department relies on his expertise for audio forensics....



He has the expertise and experience to combine the ideas of artists, label, managers and engineers to create the optimal sound for each individual record, on every available medium.


Combining songs from different producers and giving them a common thread is his specialty, as well as a natural, rich sound aesthetic.




Furthermore, the Team: Benjamin Hölzl, Michael Seifert (Asien)

“Ludwig’s master celebrates the mix”- Timothy Auld


One of the most defining factors about Ludwig’s work is that he puts the same level of love, commitment and energy into every song he masters: 100%.


 A true perfectionist, he always seeks to transport the emotional and conceptual message of the music into a master- instead of simply making it louder.


Such a high standard is made possible through 15 years of experience, absolute dedication, a studio with meticulously perfected acoustics and monumental analog hardware.







GKG Mastering is internationally renowned for its reliability, fast reaction time and high customer satisfaction (Facebook Reviews). All projects are fully documented and available to the customer years later. We master for Vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, TV/Commercials, MFiT (Mastered for iTunes), YouTube, Spotify and many more.


The GKG Mastering studio is able to acoustically challenge even the most renowned competition; with a frequency linearity of +-0.5dB from 20Hz-20kHz (Designed by Mueller-BBM), it is a truly world- class workplace. To make use of these near perfect conditions, some of the best speakers in the world are available: Revel Ultima Salon 2 and Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Series 2. These optimal listening conditions are complemented with a relaxed atmosphere, a light design by Occhio and abundant parking possibilities.



We have developed a technique with our vinyl record cutters that enables us to record an optimal vinyl record master parallel to the CD/ digital master. This process combines and transports all positive attributes of the master formats, guarantees a dynamic and loud, yet broad sound on vinyl record.


This technique also enables us to make masters that have the same dynamic sound and groove on all media, guaranteeing a high recognition value.

90% of the masters at GKG Mastering are processed completely analogue!

The electric power conditions on site are very stable and clean due to the proximity to the airport and are complemented by the highest quality cabling. This perfectly balanced power system enables an excellent signal- to- noise ratio and perceived dynamics, as well as enabling the outboard to truly shine.


We are able to achieve the highest flexibility by combining the cutting-edge digital technology with the most acclaimed outboard available today. Every piece of hardware at the GKG studio has been meticulously adapted and customized to complement our mastering chain perfectly. Our audio converter system is custom build, in- house design and delivers a very crisp and natural sound with up to 32 bits resolution.


Room acoustic: MuellerBBM

2x Elysia Alpha Compressor


Maselec MLA-4 Expander/Compressor

Shadowhills Mastering Comp. Class A Special Ed.

Chiswick Reach Valve Compressor

Manley Vari-Mu Mastering Edition

Neve 2254C Mastering Modification

Chandler Ltd, LTD-2Me - 1. Series Neve Iron

Focusrite Red 3 Transformer Ed.

RS 124 EMI/BBC Stereo Mastering Compressor

PM Fairchild 670

Revel Ultima Salon 2

Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond series 2

Beyerdynamic Tesla 5p

2x MT-Audiodesign Extreme Class-A

Mogami Lautsprecherverkabelung

Sontec MES 430

Avalon 2077 Mastering EQ

Sontec MEP 250

Oakfield Mastering EQ

Barry Porter Parametric Disc Mastering EQ

Dangerous BAX

Epitome Audio Nektar

Lauterleizer 3 Band Mastering EQ

Boutique Baxandall Eq

dCS 8 Channel Discrete DAC Setup

ARDA Flagship Audio A/D Converter

Custom Class-A 32Bit 500kHz ADDA

Custom ESS Sabre 32Bit Reference DA


Loudspeakers & Amps:


Software & DAW:

Weiss Saracon

Flux Mastering bundle

FabFilter Mastering Bundle

Waves Mercury Bundle, SSL, Abbey Road

DMG Audio Essence

DMG Audio Limitless

Steinberg Wavelab 9

Steinberg Cubase 8

Avid Pro Tools

Sonoris DDP Player OEM

Intel Core i7, (4x) Plextor Premium2

Apple MacMini (MFIT Workstation)


Custom 32Bit Audio Interface





Turntable & Amp:

Transrotor Darkstar

Ortofon Rondo Blue MC

Flagship Audio  Class A Phono Preamp


Dolby spectral processor 740

Epitome MASTERCON (Passive Masteringconsole)

Dangerous S&M

Shielded Powercable - Lapp

Analogue Audiocable - Mogami, Sommer & Belden

Digital Audiocable - Sommer, Belden


Articles & Inquiry


Price inquiry

Feel free to call for quote!

Due to the complex nature of musical products, an initial contact per phone is strongly recommended. We are happy to consult you personally, and will transmit a written transcript or offer via e-mail.


Unsigned, self-financing artists usually receive special conditions, as we are always happy to raise a project to the next level with a superb master.

GKG Mastering recommends that you consider using our custom DDP Player in order to review your mastered project as it would appear to your listeners.

Our guidelines answer common questions we get asked about audio mastering and the services GKG Mastering offers.

The PDF contains a checklists which will help you preparing your project for the mastering session as well as an introduction to our GKG OEM DDP Player Program (Mac/PC).

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook or e-mail.

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Download Mastering Guidelines PDF - GER/ENG

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